Around November 2013, we created a linkedin group to assist senior financial executives (like ourselves) by providing a forum to distribute content relevant to accountancy – visit forum

However, within the first two weeks, we were approached by 7 people from the group looking for work and 1 person hiring for two roles. After over 30 years of combined experience working in the accounting industry in senior roles, we could relate to their frustration. Most recruiters do not possess our accounting experience and generally could not provide us with good quality candidates when we were in the hiring seat.

As finance executives, we have often struggled to find good quality accountants and finance managers to work for us. The recruiters we used had often not known enough about the accounting industry. Or due diligence was not performed.

Furthermore, we still work as senior accountants and finance managers ourselves on a consultative basis with our previous employers.

Combining the demand and lack of supply of good accounting recruitment, we came up with the idea of SM Recruitment – recruitment by accountants for accountants.

We like to say, “the rest is history!”

– Marketing Commercial Analyst, Telstra
– Senior Finance Analyst, BP
– Finance Manager, Transfield Services
– Accounting Process & Control Manager, Elite/BP
– Analyst, Coles Myer
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